Clonaid Press Release Written by Rael

Rael writes press release telling people interested in cloning services to contact Raelian Movement.


RAËL, the founder of the RAELIAN MOVEMENT, a religious organisation claiming that life on earth was created scientifically in laboratories by the ELOHIM, those extra-terrestrials whose name is in the Hebrew Bible and was wrongly translated by the word “God”, and that Jesus resurection was in fact a cloning performed by the Elohim, announced today that he has set up with a group of investors a company named “VALIANT VENTURE Ltd” which will offer a service named “CLONAID” which will provide assistance to would be parents willing to have a child cloned from one of them.RAEL will announce officially this creation Tuesday march 11 1997 at a press conference at the Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas ,Nevada USA ,in the Flamingo Room at 2 PM.

The Bahamas based company is planning to build a laboratory in a country where the human cloning is not illegal and will offer its services worldwide to wealthy parents .In a first phase CLONAID will subcontract existing laboratories to perform the cloning.The company may also sponsor american laboratories working on human cloning which government subside have been cut by President Clinton .

CLONAID will charge as low as 200 000 US $ for its cloning service .

The recent cloning in Scotland of the sheep “Dolly”, has proven that the technology is now available to complete the operation succefully.

CLONAID scientific director, the french scientist Dr BRIGITTE BOISSELIER (Ph D) , sees no ethical problem with the procedure.”Parents have the right to decide to have a baby who will bear the genetic code of one of them.It’s now common to see a dead parent father a baby through the process of frozen sperm implantation . Imagin the joy of a widow raising a child looking like her beloved deceased husband” ,she said.

CLONAID will also offer a service called “INSURACLONE” which, for a fee of 50 000 $ will provide the sampling and safe storage of cells from a living child in order to create its clone if the child die of an incurable desease or through an accident.In the case of a genetic desease, the cells will be preserved until science can genetically repair it before recreating the child (or an adult).

CLONAID ,the first company in the world to offer human cloning expect to have over a million customers worldwide interested in its services as well as many laboratories to seek partnership in the venture.

RAEL said:”Cloning will enable mankind to reach eternal life .The next step ,like the ELOHIM with their 25 000 years of scientific advance, will be to directly clone adult peoples without the growing process and to transfer memory and personnality .Then we wake up after death in a brand new body like after a good sleeping night !”

Peoples interested by CLONAID services can contact the company through the I.R.M CP 225 CH 1211 GENEVA SWITZERLAND,or on the Internet at :

For any interview with CLONAID scientific director Dr BRIGITTE BOISSELIER (Ph D), or with RAEL, contact Sylvie CHABOT …tel fax ..


Pour ton information le telephone de Brigitte Boisselier et fax est en France (ne pas le mettre sur le communiqué c’est pour Sylvie pour donner aux journalistes souhaitant l’interviewer) 011 33 XXX XX XX 05

Elle peut aussi les référer en cas d’indisponibilité de Brigitte (lui demander d’abord ) à Marc Rivard, Marcel Terrusse ou Marcus Wenner.Ils sont tous d,accord…
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