Erosworld Business Proposal

Raëls business proposal for Erosworld adult theme park


EROSWORLD is the first adult only theme park in the world.The best location for a theme park like that may be Las Vegas where already a lot of enterprises , Casino mainly , are made for peoples aged 21 and more.

The concept is to create a “Disneyworld” for adult only.

It can be buid “horizontally” close to Las Vegas in a cheap land area or vertically in an area close to the main Las Vegas Casinos to benefits from the customers flow.

In the first case it can be build like a park with different buildings inside a beautifull park.

In the second case , which looks more attractive, but more expensive due to land price it can be build like a mall or a big casino-hotel.

The difference with other Casino hotel is that adult only can have access to the Hotel and casino premises.

EROSWORLD offer a complete panorama with a lot of humour of everything about sex around the world.Entertainments, video games, movies, books, topless restaurants and bars, strip tease, virtual sex, cartoons, massages, mixed public hot baths, topless casino, erotic bedrooms,funny erotically shaped food, 3D Imax erotic movie,topless swimming pool, sex shop and bookstore,homo night club, switching night club, cruising night club, SM club ,etc…

All activities inside EROSWORLD will of course be 100 % legal by respecting all US laws, No prostitution will be allowed, no drugs, etc…

From entering in EROSWORLD the customer will be totally immerged inside a completely sexually free environnment.Alife experience mixing hi tech like the virtual sex machine or the Megavibrator and warm welcome by the most beautifull topless hostesses of the world.

The attractions will mix fun, excitement and education about sex for consentant adults.

The huge financial success of other theme parks guarantee that EROSWORLD will be a fantastic investment.

The controversial aspect will create a free advertising in all the medias around the world which will launch the ttheme park allmost for a free advertising budget ! More peoples will be opponents to such an enterprise, more the press will speak about it and more it is criticised more customers will be willing to visit it. The success is guaranteed !

As more and more couples are going in Las Vegas for their wedding trip the EROSWORLD hotel has a huge amount of potential customers


Main attractions

The Front door of the Theme Park (or Casino Hotel) must be impressive as the Pyramid or Disney Castle…So the EROSWORLD logo will be important for the marketing, accessories, parallel sales etc…The “banana and apples” logo is very suggestive but at the same time acceptable to make a huge “banana and apples” tower (100 feet high) at the front door entrance.

  1. The access of EROSWORLD is strictly controlled to make sure that all customers are over 18 (or 21). At the gate they can buy masks if they want to visit the Park in total anonimity or do some activities without being recognised At the cate they can also hire escorts male or female to accompagn them in all attractions.
  2. The main attraction is a sexy show with nude dancers and revue French Can Can style.
  3. A smaller night club features strip teasers and contests for amateurs strip teaser from the public who can use (or not)their mask)
  4. A Cruising Dancing with telephone at each table help single peoples to make contacts. Taxi girls and boys with badges are also available.
  5. A Switching dancing with telephone at each table help couples willing to switch to encounter other couples.
  6. A Gay and Lesbian night club is also offered for gay and lesbian and for those who want to feel the atmosphere.
  7. A transvestite and drag Queen show club.
  8. An SM club .
  9. An erotic massages salon.
  10. a Turkish public bath (nude mixed bath )
  11. an Eros swimming pool (nude mixed pool)
  12. a movie theater with 3D Imax erotic movie
  13. a video game room featuring the sexiest video games .
  14. the Megavibrator , a vibrator made to excite all the erogenous parts of the body at the same time mixed with music and lights .
  15. A virtual sex machine with the latest virtual technology.
  16. an erotic miniputt with penises ,clitoris and boops curse.
  17. a small zoo with Baluba chimpanzee, these rare specie which is almost allways having sex , oral, anal, fellation, etc… to solve any conflict among their society. Animals that regular zoos hesitate to show because of the childrens…
  18. a movie about animals funny sexual life
  19. a sex shop
  20. a bookstore
  21. a video shop
  22. a room about sexual diseases and prevention
  23. an erotic cartoons room
  24. a sex internet room
  25. The Penis Tower The tallest penis shaped tower in the world.
  26. a museum :sex througout history.
  27. sex aroud the world : the most amazing sexual behavior in other cultures and tribes.
  28. Create the girl/boy of your dream computer. A computer which thanks to morphing helps you to create the face and body of your dream’s mate mixing pre existing faces and body parts and anabling you to print it and bring it as souvenir…
  29. The “Spermtrip”.A theater with moving seats wher images in 3D enable you to travel with a spermatozoe trough an ejaculation…
  30. an African Bar with topless black girls
  31. a Topless Sushi bar with asian topless geishas.
  32. An arabic Harem restaurant with arabic dances
  33. A Roman Orgia restaurant where you can eat laying down on sofas, eating with your fingers and served by toplless “slaves” and dancers,males and females.
  34. A Space restaurant with topless waitresses wearing spacy metallic jackets.
  35. a Casino with topless waitresses
  36. an Hotel with erotic bedrooms (With mirrors , accessories, erotic decorations, Spas, massages etc…)
  37. a shop where customers can buy souvenirs from SEXWORLD ( magazines, post cards, teeshirts, calendars, posters, penis shaped chocolates ,etc…
  38. a sexy cafeteria where all the food , served by topless waitresses is sexually shaped (penis cakes, boops hamburger etc…)
  39. All over the park girls and boys wearing huge penises or gigantic boops disguises are walking and waiting to have customers make photos with them , like the Mickey Mouse of Disneyworld…
    Everywhere are erotic painting and statues and erotic music are playing.


Financial aspect

At least 10 000 visitors per day are expected. At 50 $ per person that can make an income of 500 000$ per day .That’s make 15 millions dollars per month or 180 millions dollars per year only for the park.

The revenue from food , beverage and associated products can ad 50% at least at this amount this is 90 more millions $ a year.

So the total income should be around 270 millions dollars a year .

The revenue from the hotel must be added to this project , depending how many bedrooms are to be build.

The revenues of the casino must also be added to these numbers depending how big it will be.



Concerning only the theme park the minimum investment should be approximately (in millions $)
Revue Theater 2
Strip Tease theater 1
Cruise dancing 1
Switching dancing 1
Gay and Lesbian dancing 1
Drag Queen dancing 1
SM club 1
Erotic Massage Salon 1
Turkish bath 2
Eros Swimmimg pool 2
3D Imax 4
Video game room 1
Megavibrator 1
Virtual sex 1
Miniputt 0,2
Baluba zoo 0,5
Animal sex life movie theater 0,5
sex shop book store videoshop 0,5
Sexual diseases prevention room 0,2
Erotic cartoon movie theater 0,5
Sex internet room 0,5
Penis Tower 0,2
Sex Museum 0,2
Sex around the world 0,2
Create the girl computer 0,2
Spermtrip kinetic movie theater 2
African Bar 1
Topless Sushi bar 1
Arabic Harem 1
Roman Orgia 1
Space restaurant 1
Souvenirs shop 0,2
Cafeteria 0,5
TOTAL 31,4 millions $
This is without the hotel and Casino.



Number of employees:
Access 12
Can Can Theater 50
Strip Tease Theater 20
Cruise dancing 20
Switch Dancing 15
Gay and Lesbian Club 15
Transvestite club 15
SM club 15
Erotic Massage 20
Turkish bath 10
Eros swimming pool 10
Imax 3D theater 10
video Game room 4
Megavibrator 4
Virtual sex 4
Miniputt 4
Baluba zoo 6
animal sexual life theater 4
sex shop 4
Spermtrip kinetic theater 4
African Bar 20
Sushi bar 20
Roman Orgia restaurant 20
Space restaurant 20
Souvenir shop 4
Cafeteria 20
Animation (disguised peoples) 8
Security 40
Cleaning 20
Administration 20

At an average of 30 000 $ annual salary = 13,15 millions $



With an investment of around 35 millions $ (withoud the land cost) the pay off looks incredibly fast (less than one year !)

Even if the investment is doubled to make it more beautifull and attractive it’s still one year pay off And that is without Hotel and Casino income!

With an estimated yearly net profit around 100 millions dollars (without the Casino and Hotel) EROSWORLD looks like a fantastic investment opportunity.

Even if the investment is double or triple than the original project, with a 100 milions dollars profit per year the pay off is still possible inside one year !!!

And unlike any other Casino/Hotel project this one has a big advantage: no competition.Mirage and other big casinos can compete to have customers playing in their premises…but the EROSWORLD customers will decide in their home town to come to visit it…And they will not care about other attractions.Like somebody who decide to go to Disneyland is making the trip to go to it.He will not change his mind on the way to Orlando.It is the purpose of his trip !!!

One more time the big advantage of this CASINO/HOTEL/THEME PARK concept is to be the first in the world of its kind.Even if the success of the operation attract other financial groups to make others, they will never be able to have the media impact of the first one.

The world media coverage will be worth millions of dollars of free advertising because it is controversial.And more we will make it controversial, more media coverage we will get. And like all controversial movies or show in the world, more it is controversial, more peoples want to see it to make their own opinion.

If we make it beautifull , top level service, a dream come truth experience, and unforgettable, the first visitors will guarantee its success by telling their friends how much they enjoyed it.

Visitors who will not only be americans but coming from all over the world. The Japanese market looks like one of the best and can make us think of creating another EROSWORLD in Japan right after the success of the first one and may be after one in Europe…