Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is and why should I care?

RaelianLeaks is a whistle-blower website where information pertaining to the Raelian Movement, its leader – Claude Vorilhon (aka “Raël”) and their activities, can be uploaded for redistribution anonymously. For most of the world, it’s no big deal. However, for people wanting to know more about Raël and the Movement it can be an invaluable tool to allow information that would otherwise never see the light of day to be released and evaluated. We have gone to great lengths to create a system that will allow information to be shared anonymously and to protect the identities of all individuals involved.

Read our mission statement for a more detailed explanation.


Who are you and why all the anonymity?

There are many sites available where former Raelians, researchers and investigators have shared their information and opinions freely. We also know there is evidence that could shed some light on the true nature of Claude Vorilhon, the organisation he has founded and its activities, yet the people that have access to such information have legitimate concerns for openly revealing this information and the repercussions that may follow.

While Raël publicly supports figures such as Julian Assange and Edward Snowden for their whistle-blowing activities, within the movement various mechanisms are utilized to control the flow of information including: severing contact between current members and anybody speaking out against the movement (or in some cases simply asking valid questions); employing manipulation techniques to prevent critical thinking and to curb the spread of ‘negative’ information or the exposure of questionable acts, and to go as far as to re-define some of the language used and labeling those involved as frauds or mentally ill. Furthermore, there is the threat of possible legal action and other forms of harassment.

This is why we not only protect our own identities, but more importantly those of anyone wanting to speak out and disclose information that allows each of us to critically evaluate Raël and the Movement.


How can I trust you if I don’t know who you are?

A perfectly valid question and our response is – don’t.

Take your time to educate yourself about whistle-blowing, managing your online privacy and take every precaution you see fit. Some have already taken the risk and shared information, and we have released some of the information provided.

We understand that some people have been reluctant to share information, fearing that the Raelian Movement is somehow involved with this site and they will be at risk of some form of repercussions, or that the Movement may be tipped off and subvert their attempt to release valuable information. Again, valid points.

The only way we can prove our true intentions are by our actions. Keep an eye on our releases, and judge for yourself.


What’s in it for you?

Like many others, we just want to know the truth. Many of us have different pieces of the puzzle, with some very important ones tucked away, just out of our reach. This shouldn’t be the case for a group or philosophy proclaiming to be scientific, seeking truth or developing a global consciousness.

Nobody receives any financial gain from this venture and obviously no fame. Our goal is not to be the “number one” anything… If somebody else decides to do the same, we encourage their project and wish it great success, as it can only increase the likelihood of vital information becoming available to the public.


Where are all these amazing “leaks” you promise?

Unfortunately, we do not manufacture leaks – we can only share what we receive. Yes, we have received leaks, however we need to carefully review them and determine an appropriate time to release them. We also know there is a growing number of people who are still involved in the Movement with varying degrees of commitment who feel conflicted with their beliefs and what they witness, people who have knowledge of certain things and in some cases have tangible proof. We cannot force anyone to act against their own consciousness, we can only be patient and provide a service where they can do so when they are ready.


Wait, why aren’t you releasing all the leaks you already have?

Firstly, we need to review the information to ensure it has some merit as a leak, something that will add value to the pool of information already available. In some cases we may even re-release information that was previously released elsewhere but was difficult to find, lost or removed. Our goal, however, is not necessarily to become an archive.

Secondly – and more importantly – we need to protect the anonymity of our sources. If releasing a document will somehow identify the source, we will hold off the release until we can do so safely.


I feel like this is all a big tease, why are you asking us to visit if there’s hardly anything to see here?

It is not our intention to deceive or to waste anybody’s time. As stated above, we have some challenges to overcome and expect this to be a long-term process. The information is out there, we know it, but we need to build awareness of our existence, to prove we are genuine in our intentions and abilities, and to protect the anonymity of our sources at all costs.

Slowly, leaks are coming in and we are releasing what we can and there is more yet to come. Your patience and support is extremely appreciated.


Ok, so how do I upload something anonymously and what do you mean by that?

By clicking on the various links on our website, you will be taken to a page outside of this website system so as to not generate any cookies or leave other traces of identifying information. Our code is designed to filter out identifying information (typically IP addresses) so there is no record on any server of who uploaded any files. We encourage you to take further action yourself by using a VPN or similar service to hide your true IP address.

In future we will provide additional tips to help you further anonymize any files you transfer, however it’s always best to research this for yourself independently.


What if I accidentally missed something and identified myself?

This is why we review uploaded leaks. We check for any clues that could give away the source of the information and redact them accordingly. You can only take our word on this, so once again we insist you educate yourself independently and take your time before submitting anything.


How can I contact you if I have questions or just want to pass on information or even feedback?

Publicly, you can contact us through our social media accounts. Just follow the links (or copy and paste the links independently into a new browser session).

For anonymous communication, at this time we have not implemented a system, but our suggestion would be that you create a text file with your message and use our anonymous upload page.


I’m not sure I trust your anonymous uploader, can I get files to you anonymously some other way?

There are free services online that allow for anonymous file sharing. We have no control over those services and cannot vouch for the security they provide. We would consider receiving files this way as long as we can protect our anonymity as well as yours.