Letter to Dalai Lama

Raël writes letter to Dalai Lama, introduces himself and hopes to meet one day.


CP 225 ,CH 1211 GENEVE 8, SUISSE TEL 41 21 800 53 20 FAX 800 53 22


Miami 09/03/1996



Mc Leod Ganj
Dharmsala, India


Your Hollyness,

I am the founder and the leader of a religious organisation 35 000 members strong worldwide and  present in 84 countries.My book is a world best seller with more than 1 million copies sold in 22 linguages.

My assistants have been trying unsuccessfully to organise a meeting for you and me for years either in Japan where I go every year or in Canada where I stay when not travelling around the world.Sometime the bareers built by our assistants to protect us make us miss important meetings.

It is a great honnor for me to be alive on this planet while you are here to.

We are fanatics of non violence and your exemple as the one of Gandhi are among  the most importants we use in our teaching.

We are also working for the rehabilitation of the swatiska which as you know  because it is a part of your tradition,is a peacefull symbol but because the nazis used it in a wrong way now it is view in occident as a criminal symbol.

It would be a great help if one day you could wear it and explain to the western world the real meaning of the swatiska . Our members and thousands of Bouddhists in occident would be relieve to be able to wear this symbol without being assimilited to neo nazis and even sometime phisically attacked for wearing it…

In the name of our 35 000 members I want to show you all our support in your fight for ending the illegal  military invasion and annexion of Tibet by China.

I speak publicly everywhere around the world to support you .It’s a shame for occidental powers to free Kuwait from Iraki occupation and not moving one finger to free Tibet from Chinese occupation.

But there is oil in Koweit…And in Tibet only a peacefull non violent civilisation…This is the reason.  How can western countries  continue to speak about freedom values after  this deny of justice ?

I  humbly ask you the privilege of having a meeting with you to give you the message I received from the Elohim, these people from space who did create life on earth a long time ago using DNA and genetic combination and which all ancient religions called “God” which ethymollogically means “light in the sky”…

With all my respect  and love,



President and Founder


PS:direct  fax in Miami USA until april I st 1 305 ███ ██ 79  (adress 281 NE 211 Street North Miami Beach FL 33179 USA

– in Japan from april 13th  until April 25th  Hotel Park Hyatt Tokyo, Tokyo to, Shinjuku Ku, Nishi Shinjuku 3-7-1-2, Japan 160 Fax 81 3 ████ ██34

– in Japan from april 25th until may 5th : Resort Inn Sugadaira Swiss Hotel, Nagano Ken , Chiisagata Gun, Sanada Machi, Sugadaira Kogen, Japan 386-22 fax 81 ███ ██ ██21

– In Canada  from may 7th until end of July in our seminar Les Jardins du Prophète, 1382 7th rang Valcourt, Québec J0E 2L0 CANADA

private fax 1 514 532 54 09 ( You are allways welcome in our Canadian Seminar  where in the harmony and peace of the Canadian country you can rest  and meditate in my private appartment which I will be greatly honnored to put at your disposal hoping if you wish to pray together for the world peace).