Letter to George Soros

Word document written by Raël to George Soros introducing Raelian Movement and wishing to meet him.

CP 225 CH1211 Genêve 8 SWITZERLAND

to : Mr Georges SOROS 9/18/97

Dear mister Soros,

I am the founder and the president of the International Raëlian Movement, a 35 000 members strong religious organisation represented in 84 countries (see www.rael.org) and in the name of our members I would like to tell you how much we support your actions regarding drugs, death, education, immigration and poverty.

Our organisation is working in the same direction.In the Message I received from the Elohim in 1973 and which is in my book :The book which tells the truth” (translated in 22 languages and sold at more than a million copies) there are many very similar advices coming from our creators.(If you wish to read my book just let me know and it will a great honour for me to send you an autographied complimentary copy ).

Part of the teaching I spread say : that every human being have the right even without working to have free minimum meal, free minimum lodging, free minimum clothing and that those who work have also the right to have luxury.

We also support the Human Rights especially in the part which says that every human being has the right to move and choose the place where he want to live, that’s important with the excessive immigration barriers in place.The hypocrisy of the world is huge when everybody speaks about helping the third world and refuses immigrants…A natural rebalancing of world population occurs when immigrants can travel freely.Seeing rich americans spending millions to adopt childrens while the very same children could come to America with their poor families is revolting.

We also launched a campaign “Buy third world” , because the best way to help them is to buy their products.Giving a fish is good ,teaching how to fish is better…When I see “Buy American” or “Buy Canadian” campaign it’s scandalous.Then you have charity for poor countries organised…

Our religion is against use of drug, alcool , tobacco and coffee, but we think that putting users in jail is not a solution. Making a criminal with an hopeless citizen is not helping at all…and as you say very costly !
I wanted to write to you from a long time ago but what decided me to finally do it is your initiative to give 100 000 free needles to drug users. That’s a wonderfull gesture. The primitive religions allways say that sickness is “God’s punishment”…They say that about AIDS like a long time ago they said the same about syphillis and plague…That’s the reason why many Jewish community were massacred in Europe in the 14 th century.

Somebody using drug is somebody hopeless.Helping this sick and depress person to avoid AIDS is very important.

I launched a few years ago a similar very controversial campaign in Canada.The Catholic church which govern the Montreal school system refused the installation of condom vending machines in schools and universities.The rate of student getting AIDS was every year more high and terrifying. We gave 100 000 free condom to the students from trucks parked at the doors of the schools until the Catholic church accepted the vending machines…The Catholic church was speaking about abstinence…To speak of abstinence to teen agers is like singing a Lullaby to a volcanoe.And the number of teen AIDS patients was sky rocketting.

We also explain that education is the key of all human problems.And this is especially truth regarding the most terrifying challenge of the near future : racial hatred.All nazi criminals allways say the same thing “we only obey the orders” like if only Adolf Hitler was responsible…This is of course untruth, it’s a vaste majority of a population who was responsible.

And why a majority of Germany was ready to kill millions of Jews ? Because of lack of education whose medias was mostly responsible of.It’s one of the weakness of to day medias not to report enough about the responsability of the pre nazi german press in spreading rumors and hatred among the population.This is the opposite of education.The other stupidity in saying that only Adolf Hitler is responsible is that it’s not the man who create an event, but an event which create the man. In other words if Hitler was killed as a teenager , another German would have take his leader criminal position. The people was so misinformed that it was ready to create any leader taking responsability for the common hatred.

In the following years it may be the same in “civilised countries between black, yellow , arabic, jews and others if education doesn t kill the germ of inter racial hatred.Germany already make it forbiden for Scientology members to be public employees and French assembly recently published a report creating a sub citizen category for members of religious minorities.
Education is the key to have the public refusing to follow any crazy leader.

We share a lot of values with past religions but among some particular, one is my favorite among the Elohim’s new teaching . It says :”Even if your supreme leader or we Elohim your creators ask you one day to do something which is against your consciousness, don’t do it”.It is the counter poison of the Abraham’s sacrifice wher a primitive man was ready to kill his own son to please Elohim. Thanks to this test They could see that the human being were very respectfull but very primitive. But now they consider us as adults.The second fundamental value they bring is ” The one who obey an order is as responsible as the one who gives the order”.With these new two values no more bloody tyrans can accomplish their sinister goals.A lot of suffering and death could be avoided with these new values.

The most important problem of our society is that to day human beings are living with a tomorrow technology and yesterday religions.It is the reason why more and more youg generation peoples are using alcool, drugs and commit suicides. We are bringing a new spirituality to them with a new religion which fit perfectly with the third millenium technologies and life.Among these new values are support for the right to divorce, as human being live much longer, the need for birth control as we are on the way of very serious overpopulation, the right to die peacefully at home, the right to help those suffering of painfull uncurable deseases to die with dignity, etc…

I don’t want to disturb your very busy life with a too long letter, but I just want one more time to assure you of our support in your actions.

I hope one day to have the great honour to meet personnally.

Best Regards,

President and Founder

1382 7th rang

phone 1 514 532 54 20
fax 532 54 09