Letter to Steven Spielberg

Raël writes to American director Steven Spielberg, discussing about nazis and asking him to speak against medias.



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Dear Mister Spielberg.

I am sure that some of the 35 000 members of our organisation already passed to you my world best selling book, “The book which tells the Truth, the Message given to me by extra-terrestrials”, especially the Hollywood film composer Philipp Lambro who is one of our more active member in America and is trying for 12 years to have a movie made from this book which was sold at more than one million copies and translated in 22 languages.

From “Duel” time, I am one of your best supporter and your movies allways enchanted me.But this is not the purpose of this letter. After crying with Schimdler’s list, yesterday you make me crying again with the movie about survivors…

But  I think that something else must be done to prevent this kind of crazyness to happen again.Description of the horror of this time is not enough.It is essential to reveal the causes of this tragedy. Peacefull german citizen becoming bloody murderers , this doesn’t happens without a reason. The roots of the problem must be unvailed.If not IT WILL happen again and again and if it’s not the Jews it will be against another minority. Only if the public understand the process which can create monsters from peacefull citizens, only then it will be more difficult for it to happen.

What can change a peacefull german employee in an angry SS ? How can childerns shout “dirty jews” at the doors of synagogs ? This doesn’t happens suddenly in a population without any reason.Your movies and the foundatiion you created  will help certainly to describe the atrocities and may be educationnal on the effects of hatred for minorities but will not teach the reasons , the rootes of all of these dramas.

The real problem like one survivor said  is the spread of rumors.And who is more powerfull to spread rumors ? The medias ! From 1933 , many years before Auschwitz was opened , the german medias started to ignate terrible rumors about the jews, creating a concensus of hatred against  them in the public subconsciousness.

This is the real problem.If you can make a movie  where you can point the finger to the real criminals who paved the way for Hitler, the German medias, you will create among the world medias a sense of responsability among the journalists.

It ‘s very easy to find the germans news papers and radio programs of the  pre nazis years and it would be so educationnal.The causes  of the Shoah are much more educationnals than the Shoah itself.

The politicals, financials  and religious  powers allways use the medias to manipulate the populations and create hatred..And that is happeneing everywhere.It was the same problem with Dreyfuss  scandal in France. The medias did create the same anti semitic hatred in France.And it was so powerfull that even when France was occupied by the german army the french population , as you surely  know,  helped the nazis to arrest  and deport many Jews.

Our movement is suffering right now in France the same process of rumors creating hatred and discrimination against our members. Like the rumors  not so long ago sayimg that Jews were performing  ritual children sacrifices in remembering of Abraham, now the french medias are spreading the rumor that the Raëlian Movement is organizing pediphiliac orgies  and giving drugs to children to sexually abuse them  more easily.Our organisation  has of course nothing to do with these abominations. We want to build an Embassy in Jerusalem, the Third Temple, to welcome back the Elohim, these extra terrestrials who did create life on earth using DNA and genetic science a long time ago.As you know Elohim in hebrew is plural and means “those who came from the sky and was wrongly translated by the word “god”  in the  common Bibles

Because of the indignous rumours our members un France are suffering terrible discrimination Many lost their Jobs, like Doctor François PITHON, very famous eyes surgeon, who lost his position in Roanne Hospital because of these rumors launched on a very famous french talk show “Ciel mon mardi” 4 years ago by the talk show french “star” Christophe Dechavannes..Doctor Pithon went on a two weeks  hunger strike in  front of the french TV offices (TF1)  hoping to have a programm where we can reestablish the truth and our dignity but they didn’t  gave us any satisfaction.We sued the french TV but unsuccessfully and the man spreading these horrific rumors was condemned for insults but not for libel because , said the judge “ he did it in good will in order to protect childrens from what he believed was a pedophiliac cult”…So he was condemned ,(to pay us 25 cents…) but we could never obtain a programm reestablishing our dignity…

Going through this experience helped us to understand the process bringing a whole population to hate a minority.After this diffamatory TV show  in divorces cases many judges started to give the children to the one in the couple who was not Raëlian “to protect them”…Many peoples lost their Jobs. I wrote a book to reestablish the truth, but no one media accepted to speak about it. We tried to advertise about the book by paying full pages in the press. All french news papers and magazines refused the ad without any exception !!!  The image of a “pedophiliac cult” was so strong that nobody wanted to plublicize anything about us, except  regularly to speak again and again about the same rumor…That the french police ,after a serious enquire ,said that there was nothing wrong  in our organisation doesn’t matter.The “media tribunal” has judge us guilty. The famous french magazine Paris Match , as recently as february 96  republished the same diffamatory  and ignominious allegations  about us.

Some of our members started  to be physically attacked in the streets, and the street  policemen start to support the public.The rumor pressure is so strong…

Only a film describing the process can help our french members to regain their dignity, and there is no one french director enough courageous to produce it.I hope that you will be willing to do something for them.One day or another, one will be assasinated and the french public will not feel sorry for him because  of the rumor.

To make a movie about the problems of the Raelians in France will help to understand how the medias  can create collective hatred for a minority.Not only 50 years ago which looks very old for the young generations, but right now in the country which claim to be the “fatherland  of human rights”, France.… It will educate the people and teach them not to believe everything the medias are saying about minorities .Showing how the nazis medias conditionned and programmed the collective subconsciousness of the german people will help the public to understand who were the real guilty peoples :the medias.

In order to make more money by having a larger audience or selling more papers, the medias are ready to publish everything  that shock the peoples and make them react.They are playing on negative emotions, but they are also playing with fire.

I sincerely hope that you will do something to show who were the real responsible peoples .Auschwitz and the gas chambers were only the effects of a much more profund and deep hatred, rooted in the mind of the public by irresponsible, but guilty, journalists.

If you are interested to speak with me about that anytime, it will be a great honnor for meto give you any additionnal information you may need.

I  am in Miami until march 31st  fax (305) ███ ██ 79 phone (305) ███ ██ 87  and then  from april 1st until april 4th in Hawai, fax (809) ███ ██ 04 phone (809) ███ ██ 11 , from april 4th  until april 13th  in Kauai (Hawai)  fax (809) ███ ██ 88 phone (809) ███ ██ 44 then in Japan  from april 13th  until april 25th fax 81 3 ████ ██88 phone 81 3 ███ ██34 and then in Japan from april 25th until may 6th  fax 81 ███ ██ ██21 phone 81 ███ ██ ██11 .Finally on may 6th I will be back home in Québec were my private and confidential  fax and phones are : fax (514) ███ ██ 09 phone (514) ███ ██ 20.

With all my respect for what you have done for humanity. Remember allways that you have a mission on this planet and that you are a part of Elohim plan for the future of mankind…




PS : sorry for my terrible english…

PS 2 :  in Los Angeles Philipp L████ (213) ███ ██ 21 if you need my book.