RaelianLeaks Mission Statement

It is unfortunate that the religious minority known as the International Raelian Movement, which promotes truth, peace and love, also has a long history of bullying, and intimidating any member or ex-member of its group who dares to question or publicly speak-out against the actions or authenticity of its leader “Rael”.

The aim of this website is to provide a platform for those members, both current and former, to anonymously share material such as internal documents, emails, photos, videos, personal testimonies, etc… which could expose any hypocritical, dishonest, fraudulent or unlawful actions of its leader or any concealed information from within the organization which is contrary to, or inconsistent with the information that the Raelian Movement promotes to the public.

If the group’s leader, Claude Vorilhon aka “Rael” is indeed the son of an extra-terrestrial, a messenger of truth, the brother of Jesus, the new Buddha (“Maitreya”) and the last prophet of this epoch, as he claims, and if his organization is the truthful, loving, “conscious” and harmless group that he portrays to the public, then he should have no concern with our site and its activities. In this case the lack of submitted evidence will simply serve to support his good and honest character, his noble intent and his selfless actions to build the embassy, to welcome the Elohim and save the world.

However, if “Rael” has been dishonest, deceitful, or unlawful in any way or form, or if he or his movement has anything to hide whatsoever, then we will be sharing any anonymously contributed evidence of these activities here on this site, so that you can decide for yourself what is true and what is not.

Whilst some might think of this as an attempt to intentionally harm the reputation of the Raelian Movement and/or its leader, our intention is simply to empower those who seek the truth and who want to be able to come to their own conclusions and make their own decisions about the Messages, the Movement and its leader. Wouldn’t you want to be sure their reputations and claims are true? And if that reputation is true and well deserved, wouldn’t you like to have some proof to defend it?

For people contemplating joining the Raelian Movement, consider this website as your “Raelian background check” before proceeding.

Our goal is to share any information that we receive in a scientific and impartial manner. We believe that the facts will speak for themselves and that you should have the right to interpret them as you deem appropriate, without the need of excessive commentary. Additionally, we hope this will spark open and reasonable discussion so that we, as a community can work together to reveal the truth.

Despite what some may wish you to believe, we are not haters of Raelians. On the contrary, we love Raelian people and believe they deserve to know the absolute truth about the person they follow and the organization they are a part of. This is the reason why we chose to create a platform just for them.

So in the tradition of Wikileaks and Rael’s own “Elohimleaks”, we give you RaelianLeaks. Welcome!

The Raelianleaks Team