Privacy Tips

How to remove identifying information from .eml files

  1. Open the .eml file with a text editor. (eg. “Notepad”) Do NOT use an email client like “Outlook” to open the file. You may need to first launch the text editor and ‘open’ the .eml file from inside the text-editor.
  2. Do a search/replace (CTRL-H) on ALL instances of your email address or other identifying information. eg. search for ‘’ and replace all instances with ‘*****’. Pay close attention to “Delivered-To:”, “Envelope-to:” and “To:” and “for”
  3. If you are named in the body of the email.. replace your name with “***********”
  4. “Save” (CTRL-S)

PLEASE NOTE: During our review process we will check to ensure information that could potentially identify the source of the documents will not be disclosed, nor private information such as complete email addresses, phone numbers, etc.